Marius Karlonas

Marius has been deeply passionate about birds and nature conservation since his childhood; a passion which continues unreservedly to this day. Since 2008 he has been an active volunteer, participant, and activisit, in all of the most important voluntary actions of the Lithuanian Ornithological Society (LOD).
Since that time, Marius has been elected to the LOD Board and has been its member up until 2014, when he graduated to an emminent position in the Secretariat of the Society in the role of Ornithological expert. Currently he continues to work for the LOD Secretariat in the spheres of Ornitological and Birdwatching tourism expertism. Presently Marius – along with other duties – continues to study in the State Aleksandras Stulginskis University in the faculty of Ecology.
Marius progressed his work as a bird guide at the beginning of 2011, a position he still holds and values, right up to this point in time. He continues his passion for profesional guiding of foreign birdwatching groups in Lithuania; duties which include the professional organisation of birding tours in all of Lithuania’s many diverse territories.
At the beginning of 2017, Marius, established the enterprise ‘Birding Lithuania Tours’ (“Ornitostogos”), which is the first, and preeminent tourism operator in all of Lithuania of birding activities, where he currently holds the position of executive director. Marius vehemently believes that Lithuania will become one of the most popular nature tourism destinations in all of Europe in the very nearest future, and that ‘Birding Lithuania Tours’ will provide this service to all who are passionate about the unspoiled and wild nature of the country.

Birding Lithuania Tours director Marius Karlonas-