Wildlife conservation is one of our main goals

Nature protection and sustainability are ones of the main qualities that Birding Lithuania follows in their work. Nowadays we are facing constant battle between human and nature and it seems that nature eventually understood that this friendship is based on benefits that people can get out of resources given by it. We are not that kind of human, thus as a compensation of endless discoveries and extraordinary experiences for us and people traveling with us we decided 10% of gained profit to return as various environmental protection initiatives. In other words – if you chose us as your nature guides 10 % of your spent money will go to save the nature. There will be different activities that we are going to do. Depending on the money we‘ll save during the year, main focus will be on habitats restoration and protection since high quality breeding areas are the most important factor leading to wellbeing of birds. For example Black Grouses need open areas for their mating grounds in fields, peat bogs, abandoned military polygons, but as succession develops habitats overgrow with bushes and trees which leads to extinction of these rare grouses. Another example – waders. For these long legged wetlands inhabitants – flooded, grazing meadows are the key habitats and in recent years there is dramatic decrease of these territories in Lithuania. Farming shifts from growing flocks of cattle to tilling large areas and turning them into endless crop fields on the worst scenarios treating with pesticides. From the nature side of view these territories are deserts, because almost none life can be found there. So we see the single way for a solution – try to own the land and encourage local farmers to implement environmental friendly working habits such as late in the season mowing. In 2019 and 2020 we implemented nature management projects in two different areas: bird island in Merkine and wetland close to Čepkeliai rise bog.

No secret is that forest habitats are also facing their problems. Valuable, natural, biodiverse and structured forests are doomed for cutting since they are evaluated only from economic perspective. It‘s hard to prove such nature oasis value if the owner can‘t see its uniqueness. The dream would come true if we have possibility to buy at least small patches of these precious forests and let the nature do the job. With a help of kind people we already bought the first 6,3 hectares of forest in South Lithuania. If you would like to help us protecting Lithuanian nature, please get in touch with us: Who knows, maybe our initiative will lead to web of primary forests all over the country.

We have high goals in our environmental initiatives and with your support of our business we hope that we‘ll succeed!