About us

Our company „Birding Lithuania Tours“ („Ornitostogos”) was established in 2013 and the founders of it has even longer experience on guiding birdwatching tours in Lithuania. Thus, proposed tours including choose of the accommodation places are organized on the experience from the previous years. By the help of the local guides, we always know the recently updated ornithological situation in each visiting site of the tour and are ready to show you all species, which we are promising.

We will be honoured to bring you closer to Lithuanian nature, to introduce our natural and cultural heritage and let you explore new species and habitats. We would like to express our gratitude to every customer for helping us to have the possibility to show to each of you unique Lithuanian wildlife and be proud on our country.

Don‘t wait anymore, let‘s come and see for yourself Lithuania with „Birding Lithuania Tours“! We would like to share our nature heritage with you!