The poem about our last tour by Denise: LARKING AROUND LITHUANIA

We are really pleased reading such a great poem about our last tour. It has been written by Denise from England. Thank you very much.


A trip to Lithuania, who knew what lay ahead, 
so long as there was birding and beer and
opportunities to be fed.

Soup, pancakes and fish dishes
a variety of food that satisfied our wishes.

Welcome breakfast and a filling dinner
but it was the picnic lunch that was the eventual winner.

Very early mornings and trips by car
we looked for birds near and far.

The birds migrate, not West nor East
looking for the areas in which to feast.

The birds fly with purpose, the sky is full
North to South, Earth’s gravitational pull.

A Kestrel hovers, Sea Eagles soar
a Squirrel scampers but no wild boar.

A Fox on the dunes, a Moose on the loose
a Deer on the horizon but alas no Bison.

Target bird Goshawk was my pick
it flew past quickly and I got a ‘tick’.

As Autumn approaches, there is a chill in the air
in a few more weeks, the trees will be bare.

The votes were counted, Brexit was done
but our time with Germans has been happy and fun.

The language of laughter can always be shared
as jokes along the way were often heard.

Marius, the man, a wonderful guy
his knowledge of birds no money can buy.

Christopher is an artist who can draw on sand
he takes good photographs all with his left hand!

An amazing photographer, an extraordinary wit
Martin’s presence on the tour has been a big hit!

On the last night we had a rare treat
the sight of the Pygmy ‘Oil’ was hard to beat.

Then after dinner we made our way back
For some more yummy beer before hitting the ‘sack’.

It’s a stunning country, I’m sure you will agree
We will be back, Brian and me.